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Unique Cemetery Monument Designs to Honor Your Loved Ones

cemetery monument designs
cemetery monument designs

We do not visit cemeteries often, but when we do, something usually draws our eye. It is often a unique monument that captures our interest and beckons us to take a closer look. What is it about these cemetery monument designs that compel us to take a closer look? Is it the materials used? Perhaps it is the color of the granite or the monument’s shape that intrigues us. Could it be the age of the monument, the intricacy of its carvings, or the words inscribed beneath the name? What often seizes our attention and stirs our emotions is the personal touch evident in the memorial. It is as if the individuals who crafted it truly cared. 

Highgate Cemetery London UK


Highgate Cemetery London UK 


Older sections of cemeteries tend to feature elaborate sculptures and markers rarely seen in modern cemetery landscapes. These historic designs harken back to eras when customs were more formal and extravagant. Some of the most captivating cemetery monument designs can be found in historic cemeteries in Europe and North America. Wealthy individuals often erected grand tombs and impressive markers for their families, complete with sculptures and stone angels. Funerals in the past emphasized formality, attention to detail, and heartfelt respect.

The art of carving designs in stone was a skilled craft, handed down through generations. 


Cemetery Monument Design: Inspiration

If you are seeking inspiration for designing a cemetery monument, you can explore your local cemeteries to compare old and modern designs or search online for pictures of different markers. Virtual cemetery tours are also available online. Enjoy the creative process of considering gravestone design. Some may feel uncertain about designing and prefer to seek assistance from artists. Others enjoy creating their own designs. Establishments like Sunset Memorial & Stone have artists who can collaborate with you, drawing from their expertise to help you create your desired design. These artists can provide you with options based on your preferences. 

For those who appreciate vintage design elements in cemetery monument design, there are ways to blend old and new concepts. Consider sharing inspirational photos of existing monument designs and shapes that appeal to you. The professionals at Sunset Memorial & Stone can assist you in incorporating those ideas into your chosen memorial. 


What makes a cemetery memorial design truly special is the emotional connection it evokes. It might be the carvings, the simplicity of the design, or the words inscribed in the epitaph. At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we often receive requests from families to help them customize a monument design or create a custom-shaped carving. Our artists take pride in assisting families in crafting a unique cemetery monument design. They have the skillset to create memorials with intricate carving detail or even craft personalized sculptures. 

As you collect your thoughts about what inscriptions to add to the monument, consider an epitaph. Epitaphs are a profound and poignant way to personalize a memorial. Epitaphs can be deeply personal, reflecting the character, achievements, or passions of the deceased. They may share details about the person’s life, such as their profession, hobbies, or notable accomplishments. They can be expressions of heartfelt love, faith, humor, wit, poetry, and symbols. They are appreciated for their clever brevity as there is often limited space on a memorial for text. Epitaphs are a meaningful way to personalize a monument. 


Just like a piece of fine art, good cemetery monument designs require not only skilled craftsmanship and but artistry as well. At Sunset Memorial & Stone, our designers are talented artists.  We are proud of the monuments our graphic art department has created over the years.  Families appreciate their level of professionalism and expertise when it comes to cemetery monument design. Our team understands the impact of small details and best design practices. They have the technical skillset to convey a vairety of design options for families to choose from.  Cemetery monument design is a art form in itself and our team works hard to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final product.  

At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we will never begin the monumnet carving or inscriptions until the final design is approved and the drawings are signed off by the customer.  Once the design is approved we begin the process of carving and preparing the monument for inscription.  The installation and cemtery permits are generally the responsibility of the monument company, unless otherwise indicated.   

Sunset Memorial & Stone follows a carefully considered process: 

  • Monument carving and inscriptions will only begin once our customers have approved the final design and signed off on the drawings. 
  • Upon design approval, we initiate the monument’s carving and the necessary preparations for inscription. 
  • Typically, it is the responsibility of the monument company to handle the installation and secure cemetery permits, unless specified otherwise. 

In conclusion, we recognize that a memorial is the ultimate tribute to a cherished family member or friend. It’s a delicate time, but it can also offer a sense of fulfillment when creating the perfect cemetery monument design for your loved one. Once you’ve navigated the grieving process and are ready for the next phase of memorialization, begin by exploring the latest trends in monument design. Find inspiration in nearby cemeteries or images you’ve discovered online. Embrace the creative journey and the decision-making it entails. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance and assistance from our team at Sunset Memorial & Stone. We’re here to assist you with warmth and expertise. 

If you are interested in creating a design for a cemetery monument, call us today


Turn to Sunset Memorial & Stone for expert assistance. We offer comprehensive support that includes the monument’s cost and the valuable one-on-one time with our skilled graphic artist. Our artists have a wealth of experience in helping families bring their desired designs to life. We understand that creating a personalized memorial is a special and meaningful process, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and to get started on creating a tribute that truly honors your loved one.

Sometimes we may not have the exact monument you envision in our back lot or on the showroom floor.  Although we have an extensive inventory to choose from, sometimes you may prefer a different size, shape or color of monument. We can easily customize any monument to meet your desires. Do not hesitate to ask us to create and order a custom headstone.  Whether it be a specific monument shape, size, or granite color, we can order what ever you wish.

We also have the design capabiltiy to create custom sculptures based on your personal requests.  Our design team has the technical drawing skillset to create a visual representation of your idea that can then be carved or inscribed as you see it on the screen or paper.

  1. Review the cemetery regulations for the chosen plot.
  2. Choose your preferred monument size.
  3. Select a monument shape that you like.
  4. Pick the granite color for both the monument and it’s base.
  5. Work with our onsite designers to create the inscription or design
  6. Give your final approval to the design.
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