Memorial & Granite Styles
Memorial & Granite Styles admin February 6, 2021

Monument & Granite StylesCustom Granite Headstones

Sunset only uses high-quality granite and we source it from all over the world. Once you choose a granite colour, you can personalize the granite monument with different finishes, engraving, or features.

Sometimes ordering a granite monument or granite tombstone can feel a little overwhelming because there are many styles to think about. At Sunset, we’ll help you so it’s easier to decide exactly what you want.

Do the Style Choices Affect the Granite Headstone Cost?

We’ll give you information so you can decide what features you’d like. Then we’ll talk to you about the granite headstone cost. We’ll help you make a decision that you feel good about that fits into your budget.
All of Sunset’s granite headstone prices include the inscription, shipping, and installation. There aren’t any hidden costs added in after the fact.

Custom Granite Headstone

Monument & Granite Style Options

Measuring a Memorial

Measuring a Memorial by Length, Width and Height

Memorials have to be measured to calculate the granite headstone cost. Granite monument prices depend on the size of the memorial and the type of granite you choose.

The size of a memorial is always calculated by taking the length multiplied by the width multiplied by the height of the granite monument. It‘s always done is this order.

Measuring a Memorial by Length, Width and Height

Memorial Tops
Popular Memorial Top Styles

There are different tops you can choose for your granite monument.

Here are the 3 most popular. If you’d like something different, talk to our sales team about a different shape for the top of your granite monument. They’ll tell you how it will affect the granite headstone cost.

Sunset Memorial and Stone Serpentine Memorial Top
Serpentine Memorial Top
Sunset Memorial and Stone Oval Memorial Top
Oval Memorial Top
Sunset Memorial and Stone Flat Memorial Top
Straight Memorial Top

Caps, Plinths and Bases

Sunset Memorial and Stone Plinth, Caps and Base Options

You can choose to add another piece of granite to certain types of monuments. These extra pieces of granite are called plinths, sub-bases, bases, and caps. They come in many designs and are a part of Sunset’s granite headstone’s Crowne series

Engraving Font Styles
Customize your memorial

There are many types of sandblasting techniques to engrave stone and granite monuments.

The look of a granite headstone depends on the colour, shape, and size, but also how the information is laid out on the memorial. The overall look of a granite tombstone depends on the type of font, the size of the letters, and the artwork that you choose.

Granite Finishes

Granite can be ordered with many types of finishes.
This means what surface the texture has or what it looks like. Sunset’s advanced technology can create any of the options below.

Sunset Memorial and Stone Rock pitched Finish

This finish looks rugged and rough with a chiselled stone face. The edges of the stone are chipped by hand or with a machine and can be splintered or slightly fractured. The surface has natural clefts giving a very raw look. Granite monuments with a pitched finish have a rustic, natural look.

Sunset Memorial and Stone Sawn Finish
A sawn surface is coarsely polished. It is a semi-smooth, regular type of finish. It’s done with a special type of saw called a gang saw. Saw cut finishes are a really nice accent that compliments the stone. This type of finish adds more depth and contrast to a granite monument.
Sunset Memorial and Stone Polished Finish
A polished finish looks smooth and reflective. The polished stone brings out the rich colours of the granite and enhances the natural pattern in the stone. It’s buffed to the highest level possible, which creates a high shine and smooth finish without using any coating.
Sunset Memorial and Stone Sandblast Finish
Sand Blasted
This type of finish is created with a high-pressure jet of sand on the surface of the granite. This creates a smooth mark, leaving the granite with a slightly etched surface. Sandblasting slightly dulls the colour tones of the granite.
Sunset Memorial and Shapecarved Finish
Deep Carved or Sculptured
This type of finish is done by hand carving or with deeper sandblasting. It creates a sculptured type of finish.
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