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Honoring Together: A Guide to Choosing Husband and Wife Headstones

Husband and Wife Headstones
Husband and Wife Headstones

Losing a loved one is an emotional journey, and when it comes to commemorating a husband and wife, the process for the surviving spouse can be especially delicate. The selection of a husband and wife headstone and its inscription requires careful consideration of a range of factors. We will address frequent questions that families often ask when navigating this important decision. We will discuss the placement of names, inscription options, the use of nicknames, authorization procedures, design considerations, and the practical aspects of monument sizing and installation 

The Placement of Names

One question frequently asked is, “Who should be on what side of the monument?” While there are no strict rules, it is common to place the man’s name on the left side and the woman’s name on the right side. However, this decision ultimately rests on the family’s preference and cultural traditions. Consider what feels most meaningful to honor the bond shared by the couple. 

Deciding whether to place the full name on the top or bottom of the headstone is a personal choice. Some families opt to display the full names prominently at the top, while others prefer a more subtle placement at the bottom. The decision should reflect the importance of the names and the family’s desire to honor their loved ones in the most fitting way. 

Inscription Placement

Engaging the services of experienced graphic artists who specialize in monument design can help to create meaningful design options for the headstone. This includes incorporating hobbies, flowers, religious symbols, epitaphs, or any other elements that reflect the couple’s shared interests and passions.  

Onsite Inscriptions 

When it comes to husband and wife headstone inscriptions, it is essential to inquire if the monument dealer offers onsite inscription services. Some monument companies have skilled professionals and specialized equipment to provide onsite inscriptions. If you are selecting a husband-and-wife monument, note that the surviving spouse’s name and birth date can be inscribed in advance, but the death date will require an onsite inscription. If the surviving spouse does not want their name inscribed with the first inscription, know that the monument design can be created with both names and the second inscription can be added at a later time.  

Whether it is a meaningful quote, a shared sentiment, or a tribute to their relationship, these inscriptions add a meaningful touch to the headstones of married couples.  

We at Sunset Memorial & Stone have the expertise and equipment to provide onsite inscription and custom monument designs.   

Names and Nicknames  

Choosing how much of a person’s name to include on the grave is another question families often ask. While nicknames are accepted on a monument, permit holders must include the legal names in the official documentation. This ensures accuracy and avoids any potential confusion in the future. Nicknames can be very sentimental and add an element of personalization to a headstone. Many find that seeing the nickname on a cemetery monument an endearing reminder that friends and families cherish.  

Get Started- Call us today to get a quote for your unique husband and wife headstone. Honor eternal love with a memorial that stands the test of time. Contact Sunset Memorial & Stone now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Monument Size and Accommodating Text: One important consideration is whether the chosen monument is spacious enough to accommodate all the desired text and names. For a single grave with double-depth interment, a 42″ base monument can hold two names. Side by side monuments with a 90″ base are often recommended for graves that are side by side. The monument’s width does not have to be the full 90″; it just needs to be centered between the plots to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing memorial. 

Consider asking our sales representatives at Sunset Memorial & Stone if you wish to see and learn more about the various husband-and-wife monument options. 

Typically, the title holder or executor of the plot can grant permission to authorize inscriptions, photos, and permit approvals. It is crucial to coordinate with the relevant individuals to ensure compliance with cemetery regulations. Our monument representatives at Sunset Memorial & Stone are experienced in dealing with local cemetery regulations. They will be able to assist you through the process and help you with these questions. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that each cemetery may have its own specific regulations regarding double-depth burial and monument installation. Some cemeteries may require a permit application, with associated fees varying from one cemetery to another. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the cemetery administration to understand the specific requirements and costs involved. 

Monument Installation fees for husband-and-wife headstones depend on the type of marker chosen. Flat markers typically have lower installation fees compared to upright monuments. In some cases, the ground needs to be prepared to support the monument. In other cases, the cemetery has invested in raised concrete ribbons that support the base of the monument. It is important to consider asking about cemetery monument installation fees and preferences of the family when making this decision. 

Selecting a husband-and-wife headstone and inscription is a deeply personal process. By considering the questions and factors mentioned above, families can create a unique and meaningful memorial that honors the bond between a husband and wife. Remember, the purpose of these headstones is to provide a lasting tribute, ensuring that their love and memories endure for generations to come. Call us today if you have any questions about purchasing a cemetery monument.  

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