Cremation Monuments
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Cremation Memorials & Monuments

Besides manufacturing memorial headstones, we’re also a highly innovative and experienced columbaria and cremation memorial company.

Many people choose to be cremated instead of having a traditional burial. Sunset has beautiful cremation monuments and family columbaria that are designed to hold cremated remains. Our columbaria are admired all over North America for their high-quality craftsmanship and their beautiful designs.

Our Columbaria has many features including reliable and innovative engineering, 100% granite exterior, and key-locking inner security doors. Take a look at some of the designs on our website. You can choose one of our standard designs or we can help you create or customize a design of your own.

All of our columbaria fit well into the spaces they’re designed for and they look beautiful and draw people in. We can create a high-quality design for you at a price that’s within your budget.

Cremation Monuments at Sunset Memorial and Stone
Sunset Stone Available Cremation Options

The Heritage Pedestal:
The Perfect Cemetery Monument for Cremation

Pedestal Cremation Monument at Sunset Memorial and Stone

For families searching for a more personal, private, above ground cremation monument option, Sunset offers The Heritage Pedestal columbarium. This style of cremation memorial serves as both a place of interment, and a monument. Depending on the cemetery’s regulations, this small columbarium can be set along: pathways, within a cemetery garden, on a newly purchased plot, or within a designated family columbarium section.

The Heritage Pedestal has the interment capacity for 2 or up to 4 urns. This columbarium has 2 separate interior niches that are stacked one on top of the other. Each niche is adorned with a beautiful granite shutter door that can be either inscribed or predrilled to hold a bronze plaque. Behind the granite shutter is a Key Locking Inner Security Door that provides families with peace of mind that the urns are well protected and secure. An additional shutter door can be provided for cemetery management to swap out when the granite doors are being inscribed.  This ensures that the monument always looks perfect.

Like most cremation monuments, the Heritage Pedestal will require either a concrete foundation or a 4” granite base to ensure it’s stability. You will need to ask your cemetery what they require for this type of memorial installation.

If you are hoping to create a more personized cemetery monument for cremation, artwork, porcelain photos or bronze appliques can be added to all 4 sides of the pedestal. Names can be inscribed on the pediment of the roof as well. Our talented graphic department will be happy to work with you to design the cremation product.

Some families prefer a more customized roofline, granite color, granite finish, or niche size. As a manufacturer of custom columbaria, we have the design capability to build a customized version of our Heritage Pedestal if you wish. So don’t hesitate to inquire about a custom cemetery monument for cremation based on our existing Heritage Pedestal model.

Pedestal Cremation Monument at Sunset Memorial and Stone

Cremation Benches
Memorial and Monument Benches

Cremation Bench from Sunset Memorial and Stone

Many people choose memorial benches because they’re a comfortable place for people to sit and reflect on memories.

Does Sunset Have Different Memorial Bench Designs?

Sunset has many styles and granite colours of memorial benches for you to choose from. You can choose one of our standard designs or our design team can help you create a custom design. There are many ways you can personalize a bench so that it’s special and unique.

Depending on the memorial bench design you choose, it might be installed as one solid granite piece or it might be manufactured in separate pieces that fit together when it’s installed.

Sunset Memorial & Stone Bench Options

Granite Memorial Benches: Cemetery
Cremation Bench from Sunset Memorial and Stone

If you don’t want a traditional burial plot, a cemetery bench monument is a great option. We can also make granite benches for cemetery memorial parks. All of our memorial benches for cemetery designs are beautifully constructed and made to withstand extreme weather changes.
We make all of our granite memorial benches in Calgary, but we can install them anywhere in Alberta.

Granite Memorial Benches: Businesses
Business Bench from Sunset Memorial and Stone

Sunset makes granite benches for businesses for many purposes. They compliment any setting and they’re a nice place for people to sit and rest.
We can customize any memorial bench with special artwork or business branding.

Granite Memorial Benches: Yards, Parks, and Walking Paths
Cemetery Park Bench from Sunset Memorial and Stone

We manufacture monument benches for places like people’s yards, walking paths, and parks. Sunset’s memorial benches compliment any setting and are a comfortable place for people to sit and rest. You can choose one of our designs or work with our design team to create a unique custom design. You can even add special artwork or a sculpture.

If you’re interested in a granite bench, talk to someone from our sales team. Whether you’re interested in memorial benches for Calgary or a monument bench in another community, they’ll answer your questions and help you explore many different options.

Cored Monuments

Cored Cremation Monuments from Sunset Memorial and Stone

Families have a couple of options when choosing a memorial allowing cremated remains of their loved ones to be above ground. Many traditional memorials can be specifically designed or modified to contain cremains. Generally these will have the look and feel of regular monuments and can be used in both cases, burials or standard interment and above-ground created remains.

A large assortment of monuments or bases may be fitted with a cored space for storage of cremains. Some monuments, however, are designed specifically for cremains; these are Cored Monuments, which have similar characteristics to Upright Monuments. The cored monument will keep the cremated remains dry and protected from the elements and normally will not require a vault of any type.

Monuments with this feature will often hold one or more containers for the placement of cremated remains, and urns are not typically used. Because cored monuments do not need to be relocated for ground burials, they are generally much easier to maintain. Today’s monuments may be easily customized in an endless variety of options and designs, fit for every budget and location, and this flexibility is a very attractive feature for many families looking for alternative solutions.

If a cored monument is for you, please speak with a representative for more information.

Cored Cremation Monuments from Sunset Memorial and Stone

In-Ground Vaults
For Urns

In Ground Vaults from Sunset Memorial and Stone

If you plan for a burial with a cremation urn, most cemeteries require that it be placed into an in-ground vault. An in-ground vault is a sturdy, sealed outer receptacle box designed to house and protect the cremation urn. While the urn serves as the inner enclosure, the in-ground vault serves as the protective, outer enclosure.

Our in-ground vaults are made of concrete, plastic or metal, and depending on the type of material, may be resistant against water and other elements. In-ground vaults keep the weight of the ground and cemetery maintenance equipment from crushing the cremains and help prevents the ground above from sinking. This simple, yet effective solution also serves as a deterrent to insects and burrowing animals.

Packing materials such as cotton or plastic bubble wrap may be used to keep the urn secure and from moving inside the vault and being damaged.


Choosing an in-ground vault is a personal decision and possibly an option for you. Let one of our Sales Representatives help you in finding what suits your needs and budget.

Cremation Frequently Asked Questions


  • Many cemetery benches come with a core to hold an urn or other vessel to hold cremated remains (ashes) or personal items. This space in the cemetery bench is called a niche.
  • The ashes or personal items are usually secured in the pedestal of the cemetery bench monument.
  • Like most cremation monuments, it’s a good idea to have these types of memorial benches installed on a foundation (e.g., a slab of concrete or granite) so the bench stays level.
  • Cremation monuments are above ground, outdoor structures with small compartments called niches. The niches hold cremated remains in urns or other vessels. There’s also room in the niches for meaningful, personal items. When people talk about cremation monuments, you might also hear them called a cremation memorial, a cremation columbarium, or even cremation monument headstones.
  • Family columbaria are cremation monuments that are made for specific families. If you’re interested in a family columbaria, Sunset has many designs for you to choose from. There are different shapes, styles, colours, and sizes. Talk to someone from our sales team if you have questions or want more information.
Sunset is a leader in custom design and construction of cremation monuments. We have lots of experience with different sizes ranging from small, private family cremation memorials to large, commercial columbaria for public and private cemeteries. We can create a design for any size of cremation memorial that you’re looking for. If you have questions, talk to someone from our sales team.
We’re a columbarium manufacturer that’s recognized all over North America for our innovation, engineering, and distinctive custom cremation memorials. If you order a family cremation columbarium or cremation monument from Sunset, here are some of the features you can expect.

At Sunset, we install all of the cremation monuments we manufacture. We have lots of knowledge and experience and can install a cremation monument anywhere in North America. The price for this service is included in your quote. There are no hidden costs after the fact.

Cremation Monument Features

We’re a columbarium manufacturer that’s recognized all over North America for our innovation, engineering, and distinctive custom cremation memorials. If you order a family cremation columbarium or cremation monument from Sunset, here are some of the features you can expect.
Standing Granite Shutters
Niche Size Options

Key-Lockable Inner Security Doors
Colour Choices

Family Cremation
Memorials and Monuments

What is a Family Cremation Monument?

Today more people are choosing to be cremated instead of having a traditional burial. This means special types of memorials are needed.  A family cremation monument (also called a family columbarium or family memorial) is one option for this.
Sunset’s Family Heritage Model is a family memorial that holds cremated remains for a family (or families). It’s an above ground, outdoor structure with small niches that hold cremated remains. This family memorial is compact and efficient. It can hold up to 12 urns making it the perfect resting place for many generations of family members.

Sunset’s cremation family memorial features include:
  • a free-standing granite unit that’s 4 feet and 7 inches high
  • a 2½ feet by 3 feet and 7 inch footprint to maximize the land
  • a solid granite gable roof
  • polished granite niche faceplates that can be engraved or have plaques added

We can help design a family columbarium that will reflect your personal tastes and spiritual customs and beliefs. You can choose the size, style, and any other features you want. We work closely with cemeteries to make sure that your design will follow their standards and guidelines.

What is a Family Cremation Monument?

Sunset has years of experience creating custom-designed family memorials (or family columbaria) all over North America. We can help you create a beautiful work of art with a design that’s right for your family. Customized private family columbaria can be built in any size with any specifications.

You’ll meet with our design team to talk about what you have in mind. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, we can help you explore many different options. Once we have an idea of what you’re looking for, we’ll will provide a quote for your family columbarium design.

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