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The Process Memorials|Columbarium admin February 6, 2021

Sunset Memorial & Stone
Creation and Selection Process

Ever wondered how a Memorial is turned into a custom-made, everlasting commemoration of your loved one?

The first step is to excavate the granite from the ground or quarry. These quarries are often hundreds of feet deep with jagged razor sharp edges of solid rock. Different types of granite are excavated in various parts of the world to produce a variety of different colours and patterns. Explosives are placed in drilled holes in order to break apart the granite strategically so that it can be preserved for use. These huge slabs of granite are then moved to  manufacturing plants where they are then cut and shaped using diamond tipped blades and large machinery.

Next the stone is polished to a smooth finish. This process consists of buffing and grinding the stone with machines and water. It requires several phases before it shows the glossy shine that we see on many memorials. An unpolished stone also needs to be taken partly through this process in order to smooth it down.

Once the stone is shaped and polished we can now add the designs and engraving to them. A design is usually created on the computer for the customer’s approval. The design can then be transferred onto the stone sandblasting or lasering, depending on the design. Some designs are too small and intricate to use sandblasters and must be carved by quality craftsmen using a Dremel, but this method is very costly and not quite as accurate as sandblasting or lasering.

These sculptures can take many man hours depending on the intricacy of the design. A rubber stencil is made of the design and stuck to the stone when it is being sandblasted. The monument can also be painted while the stencil is still applied. Once blasted, the stencil is removed from the stone revealing a beautiful monument ready for installation.

The completed monument can now be transported and delivered to the cemetery plot. Since the granite is so heavy at times, it must be handled using cranes and dollies. And though it is heavy, it is also delicate and needs to be handled with care. Before it can be installed, a foundation might be needed or a base installed with the stone to eliminate sinking and tipping. This is usually prepared ahead of time or already available by the cemetery.

Once the stone is set, accessories may be added. This is when porcelain portraits, cases, lanterns or lights may be installed. This interesting process starts with a raw material, and in the end, your family and friends have a beautiful granite memorial to commemorate your loved one that will last forever.

Four easy steps to creating a lasting impression.
Memorial Process

How We Create Your Memorial
Step One | Let’s Meet

You and our knowledgeable Sunset Representative work together to help reflect the life of your loved one. We will step you through the process, permits and everything necessary to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Step Two | Creating a Design
Our Sunset Design Team can capture your ideas and create a layout for your approval. Using your ideas and our art department, we will create a layout the speaks to the memory of the person being commemorated.
Step Three | The Approval

You will be able to review the sketch at your leisure, making any changes you find necessary prior to approval. Never feel obliged to go with the first look unless we are able to capture what you are trying to communicate exactly.

Step Four | Completing the Monument

Sunset’s skilled technicians use the final drawing to carve your monument. This process is done mostly through sandblasting and leaves the marker with a beautiful and life long inscription.

Meet our team to start your memorial process at Sunset Memorial and Stone

Above all else…

Our memorials and markers are crafted from solid granite. Each comes with a written warranty against checking, fading or cracking. Memorial and marker delivery and installation can vary according to design and material availability.


Sunset Memorial & Stone – creating beautiful headstone monuments, grave markers, and cemetery headstones so people have somewhere special to go and reflect on memories of the person they’ve lost.

How to Choose a Memorial

Memorial selection
A true reflection of the life lived.
Choosing A Memorial or Monument
Step One | Choosing the Shape
Memorials are available in diverse shapes and sizes, including custom or special shapes which can also be designed and ordered in any granite colour we carry.
Step Two | Choosing the Look

In life, we are distinguished by our vast differences, hopes and beliefs which set us apart. After life, memory can celebrate these same differences. Designing a unique tribute is an opportunity to create a memorial which expresses the personality of that person for future generations to come.

To enable you to see these important differences, Sunset Memorial & Stone Ltd. has an extensive display of monuments in-store and online. This will allow you to see the large selection of shapes, colours, and designs that are available to you. Plus, colours have their own patterns, such as speckles or swirls, that add another level of interest to them.

Some monuments are mostly polished, while others are left with a more natural finish. Please note, as stone is a natural product, there may be variations in colour and texture.

Step Three | Approving the Design

The look of a stone depends not only on shape and colour, but also on how the information is presented. The design, lettering and artwork can be achieved through sandblasting and laser etching. And please remember that each monument can accommodate for custom designs, pictures and accessories.

Once we have all the information needed, we will provide you with a proof for your approval and we will only proceed with the work if we have your consent.

Step Four | Cost
Important distinctions affect the cost when purchasing a monument, such as size, style, stone, colour and finish. We will provide you with a price breakdown, including installation and permits, before ordering the memorial. As a customer of Sunset Memorial & Stone, you have our guarantee of the highest quality and complete satisfaction. Our knowledgeable representatives can help you with any of these points.
How to Choose your Memorial from Sunset Memorial and Stone
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