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Sunset Stone Calgary: Affordable Headstones & Gravestones in Calgary

Sunset Stone wants to ensure that families looking to personalize a memorial for their loved one, can purchase beautifully designed, high quality, affordable gravestones in Calgary.

Our pricing includes working one on one with our experienced graphic art team to customize the chosen monument. Our extensive art gallery images on file will allow you to personalize the monument exactly how you wish. We do it all, from designing the headstone, sandblasting, adorning the monument with accessories, to the delivery and installation. We source only the highest quality granites to ensure the monument will last for eternity.

For the best granite headstone quality and prices in Calgary, Sunset Stone is here to help you through the process.
Beyond offering quality headstones and gravestones in Calgary, Sunset Memorial & Stone prides itself on its 30 years of experience. Our five-star Google Reviews provides our customers with the confidence that they will receive the best quality granite gravestones at an affordable price, but also that you will receive the best in customer service.

We offer guidance through the design process as you work with our graphic art team to create the perfect monument. We will give you peace of mind throughout the process, from choosing the best headstone option within your budget to notifying you when the installation has been completed.

What We Offer for Calgary Cemetery Needs:

When it comes to erecting a monument intended to pay tribute to a loved one, there’s a lot of choice, and the process can feel emotionally overwhelming. Our moto is “For You, For Yours, Forever”.

At Sunset, we will first and foremost, focus on your needs. Second, we want to ensure that our monument designs are meaningful and personalized and truly reflect a life once lived. And third, we only source premium granite quarries. Sunset Stone is here to support its clients and be there for you through every step of the process, from design planning to the actual delivery and installation of the memorial.

Our focus is to create the highest quality Calgary monuments. Sunset Stone offers a variety of options for you to choose from. Once you have decided on an option and approved your design, we make the process seamless.

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About Sunset Stone Calgary Service Area:

Sunset Stone’s roots are here, in Calgary. From our beginnings back in 1992, Sunset we have expanded our operations to include 2 types of cemetery products.

The first part of our business focuses on building cemetery monuments for installation in Calgary and the neighboring provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. To meet our client’s memorial needs, we carry one of the largest monument inventories in all Western Canada. We understand the demand for selection and provide you with a vast array of choices in order that you can personalize the monument exactly how you wish.

The second part of our business focuses on commercial and family columbaria. We build and design these units on demand as each cemetery or family requires some level of personalization. We work collaboratively with our clients to design, build and deliver some of the most noteworthy columbaria ever built on the continent.

We bring 30 years of expertise and craftsmanship to all our distinctive memorial products. Whether you are looking for a cemetery monument or a large commercial columbarium, we are confident that you will be thrilled with the final product.
We are a member of the BBB.
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Memorial Headstone features you need to consider

With Sunset Stone, there is no pressure to purchase. You have complete control in the process of selecting a headstone or cremation urn solution that best suits your style, budget and loved one.

20% OFF Surface Mount Vases

 Valid with a minimum monument purchase of $1,785 or more. 

Memorials & Headstones

Calgary Memorial Monuments

In Calgary, memorial monuments are the core of Sunset Stone’s business. Our monuments are manufactured from premium granites and placed at head of graves in cemeteries in Calgary and throughout western Canada.

Our backlot holds one of the largest monument inventories in Western Canada. Our memorial monument showroom displays an extensive variety of styles from beautiful Pillow grave markers to elaborate custom memorial designs. We offer Flat monuments that lie flush with the ground. Our Hickey headstone monuments have a slight angle allowing for easier viewing. Check out our classic upright headstone monuments, our beautiful Crown memorial monuments as well.

Choose from a wide variety of granite colors and shapes. We are revered for our personalized monument design capability and craftsmanship.
In addition, we have an extensive number of memorial monument accessories in Calgary to personalize every headstone. We supply benches, statuary, bonze cemetery products, granite and metal monument vases and cemetery monument lights.

Memorial Monuments

Calgary Columbarium

Sunset Stone produces commercial columbaria for cemeteries, churches, and institutions across North America. Our clients are municipal or private cemeteries that are creating or expanding their cemetery columbarium gardens. And we work with churches, and institutions, such as universities, or societies that are focused on meeting the needs of their community by providing a columbarium.

In addition, we work collaboratively with landscape architect and engineering firms who are creating columbaria garden designs for their clients. Our team of engineers are experienced working with architects and engineers to achieve a customized design vision. They can take your CAD drawings and build columbaria niches to fit your design specifications.

We also can design and build a family columbarium that can be set in a cemetery, private property, or institution. The columbarium size, shape, and niche count can be customized to hold however many urns your family wishes.

The columbarium structure is divided into separate niches made of Nylene or a powder coated aluminum interior. Each niche is designed to hold cremated remains. The niches can be a standard size that can hold 2 upright urns, or they can be more customized using our aluminum niche core construction to achieve any desired size. Granite shutters cover a hidden key locked inner security door that is designed to prevent the urns from being exposed when cemetery management swap out the spare granite doors for inscription.

This is a columbarium security feature developed by Sunset that provides families with greater peace of mind that their loved one’s urns are safely protected.
Whether you are looking for a funeral monument for a cemetery plot in Calgary or a custom columbarium to be shipped and delivered anywhere in North America, know that you will be in good hands working with our experienced team of artists, engineers, and technicians. Sunset Memorial & Stone representatives will be happy to assist families, institutions, or businesses with assistance no matter what type of cemetery memorial you need.

Calgary Memorial & Headstone FAQ's

Here at Sunset Stone, we want to be your headstone company in Calgary not only because we offer the highest quality monuments, but because we can simplify what can sometimes be an overwhelming process. We are here to assist you with design suggestions and answer any questions you may have about the process.
Sunset Stone manufactures its headstones in Calgary out of only premium quality granites. A monument needs to withstand the elements and the effects of pollution over time. Granite is the most durable headstone material and is known to last the longest. It is important to note that not all granite is the same. Sunset Stone uses only the highest quality granite to produce its monuments so that you can be sure your tribute will last for years to come.
Sunset Stone doesn’t list its pricing for tombstones because every monument in Calgary that we produce is unique and customized. There are many factors impacting price: the style, from upright, pillow, and flat, to the size, colour, and shape. Where does the granite come from? Do you want to incorporate custom artwork? The best way to know how much your monument in Calgary will cost is to simply call us and request a quote. Our pricing will include “one-on-one time” working with designers until you are completely satisfied with the monument design. We have an extensive selection of artwork to choose from so that we can personalize your loved one’s moment exactly as you envisioned. Our talented graphic art department can also design a custom piece of art to personalize the headstone however you wish. Our experienced design team, our craftsmanship and customer service are why families continue to choose Sunset.
You may be required to wait between 6 and 12 months before you can erect a headstone on a grave. The time of year of the burial and the climate, will impact the installation timeline. Some factors that may affect the installation will include soil settlement, traditions, and the bereavement period. Sunset Stone suggests adhering to your cemetery’s regulations for best planning to ensure that the headstones will be placed at the best time. Our busiest time of year for headstone installations begins in the spring and lasts until the fall’s first snowfall. If you wish to purchase and design a monument for a spring installation, ordering and designing the monument during the slower winter months is the perfect time to avoid the spring rush. Our design team will be happy to work with you one-on-one to create the perfect memorial for your loved one.
The cost of a headstone – even a 2-person headstone – will vary depending on your needs, customization, size, shape, colour, and size of the granite base. You can expect that a 2-person headstone in the flat marker style, to begin at just little under $1,000 and ranges just under $3200 for the larger flat marker size. It is important to remember not all granites are the same quality. At Sunset we only sell the highest quality granite products to our customers. Our pricing includes a one-on-one time working with our talented graphic art department in order to come up with the perfect headstone design. Pillow or upright monuments, crown memorials and custom headstones will cost more based on the size, granite color and base options. So, if you have further questions and would like more exact costs, contact Sunset Stone’s sales team. We will be happy to provide you with a price.

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