Memorial & Monument Models
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Headstone Models

Headstone Monuments & Granite Headstones

At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we make beautiful granite headstones and custom headstone monuments for those who wish to memorialize a loved one with a beautiful, intricate design. We’ll help you create a headstone monument that’s special and unique, so you’ll have a place to reflect on the memories of the person you’ve lost.

As one of the largest custom headstone monument companies in Western Canada, Sunset has a very large inventory of granite headstone and cemetery headstone monuments to choose from. We’re a monument maker who can often have a very short turnaround time between when you order a granite headstone and when it’s delivered and installed.

All of our granite cemetery headstones and custom monuments are high-quality, and you can personalize them to make them very unique. We also have a wide selection of granite cemetery headstone colours from all over the world for you to choose from.

Sunset Memorial and Stone Headstone Model Choices

Flat Monuments
Flat Gravestone Markers

Sunset Memorial & Stone is a leading supplier and manufacturer of custom-designed cemetery monuments, cemetery headstones, grave marker designs, memorials, and family and commercial columbaria. We provide high-quality products in a timely manner for the best price. We serve customers all over North America.

Flat Grave Markers
Sunset Memorial & Stone’s Custom Flat Grave Monuments

At Sunset, you can choose one of our standard designs or you can create a flat grave marker that’s customized and unique. Flat grave monuments are often smaller than other monuments, but there are lots of ways to make them special by choosing different types of writing and designs. After you choose the type of granite you want, you can customize your flat grave monument with one of our many finishes, fonts, icons, images, or messages. If you have questions, our sales team have lots of experience and knowledge and they can help. We want your flat grave monument to reflect how you wish to memorialize a loved one and our experienced design team is here to assist you with the grave marker design.

Hickeys and Nosing Uprights

Hickeys and Nosing Uprights at Sunset Memorial and Stone
Hickeys and Nosing Uprights

Sometimes considered an in-between of an upright and a pillow, the hickey and nosing-upright markers have a unique quality about them. They stand as an upright does, but the front face does not merely form a straight vertical line, it actually slopes upwards and back.

Thus, the lower section of a hickey or nosing upright is deeper at its base and tapers up to a narrower depth. The back side of the monument rises perpendicular to its base.

A nosing upright is exactly as its name implies. It has a “nose” or a flat area approximately two inches in height which runs along the bottom front of the monument at a 90 degree angle. The taper then begins at the two inch mark and slopes upwards as in a regular hickey.

Please refer to the photos for the monuments to better familiarize yourself with them.

Upright Monuments & Memorials
Sunset Stone’s Headstones for Graves

Upright Monuments

An upright monument is what most people think of when they hear the word headstone or tombstone. Here at Sunset Memorial and Stone, we believe that memorial headstones and upright monuments provide us with connections to the past.

Physically, an upright monument has 2 parts, a top (the part with the writing or design on it) and a base. Sunset’s upright headstones are mounted on granite bases, which are at least 4 inches (100 mm) thick. This keeps the memorials stable and secure. Some cemeteries have concrete foundations to put upright memorials on to keep them even more secure.

Sunset’s headstones for graves are an excellent choice of memorial for a loved one, especially as we offer options from a large selection of different headstone and monument types.

What Features Does an Upright Headstone Have?

Upright monuments are usually higher and wider than they are deep, but there are many different options. The tops of Sunset’s standard upright headstone model shapes are curved (serpentine), flat, or oval.
The tops (and any other face of the monument) come in many types of granite finishes (e.g., polished, sawn, rock-pitched, honed, or a combination of these).
There are many different styles or looks you can create for upright monuments.

If you’re interested in finding out about upright monument pricing or you have questions, contact our sales team.

Why do People Choose Upright Headstones for Graves?

When it comes to commissioning a memorial or headstone for a loved one, the experience can be emotion-filled. Sunset is respectful and accommodates your design preferences based on the type of monument or headstone selected. When designing grave markers, our experienced design team is there to provide assistance while letting you tailor the memorial. Our focus is on our families who wish to memorialize their loved one’s life in a personalized and meaningful way. Sunset’s upright cemetery headstones are beautiful and practical. Many people choose upright memorial headstones because they have a larger surface for writing (inscriptions) and they’re easy to see and read from a distance.


The hallmarks of the Crowne series are a timeless designed oval—or serpentine-cut—polished crown, or cap, with a generous upright face and back, including an ample 8″ high base. Click on the model links to learn more.

Pillows & Open Book
Memorial Monuments

Pillows and Open Books at Sunset Memorial and Stone

The hallmarks of pillow and open-book memorials are slightly raised and angled “faces”. These beautiful memorials often have classic styling and details, but easily lend themselves to contemporary and creative treatments.

Like every model we offer, pillow and open-book memorials can easily accommodate companion inscriptions, such as a husband and wife, or, a parent and child.

Pillow and open-book markers are an excellent option if you would like a low profile monument, but would like the monument to be above ground. Normally they stand no more than 12” to 15” high. The finished surface can be almost any size desired, dependent on the cemetery’s regulations. Any slope on the face can be achieved, though there are standard angles determined by the height of the front and back sides.


For example, a pillow may have the dimensions of 20″ x 12″ x 6/3″. This means that the width of the monument is 20″ wide and 12″ deep. The back face is 6″ high, and the front is 3″ in height, giving the pillow a particular slope. If a higher monument is desired, pillows having a back 8″ high and a front 5″ high may be ordered. Again, these heights may be customized for a different look and personal taste.
Many families choose to mount the open-book or pillow on a base that complements or contrasts nicely with the monument, but almost any colour combination could work depending on your preferences.

Military Markers
Honor, Pride & Respect

Military Headstone and Footstone Markers at Sunset Memorial and Stone

Service . . . above and beyond. Most of us have little understanding of war and its impact on everyday life around the world. We may often overlook the little things, such as the difficulties and heartache that soldiers and their families feel while being apart. No one wants to be away from their loved ones, but for Canadian troops and their families, it can be a sad reality. Let us remember those who have served our country with love and respect.

We offer a variety of military markers and numerous designs of emblems and crests which may be added to the monument. Alternatively, bring in your own photos or graphics to personalize the service and honour all that your loved one has achieved.

Please be aware that due to certain limitations of sandblasting, some artwork, especially crests and emblems, may have to be simplified to ensure all carving standards in quality are met. For questions regarding artwork, feel free to check with our art department, as they may already have art you need; otherwise, they would be happy to recreate unique art for your monument.

Because military markers have certain restrictions regarding stone colour, dimensions, design and installation, our sales representatives will contact the appropriate cemeteries to ensure that all their regulations are followed.
Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns on these types of monuments.

Speciality Monuments
Add unique features

Headstone Model Selection at Sunset Memorial and Stone

Every Sunset product is custom made to your tastes, beliefs, traditions, and we are able to carry out all the formalities concerning the monument with the cemetery on your behalf.

Alternative shapes and specialized models feature designs and details that go beyond the ordinary to commemorate extraordinary lives. Our shaped monuments reflect the individuality of a person, the wonderful lives they lived and aid to express a family’s sentiments in a most original manner. This style of memorial is always unique and presents limitless options.

Among the classic shape designs, we can incorporate a roof top, gothic, cross, apex, Celtic knot, pagoda or the obelisk. Contemporary upright designs include the heart, double heart, double serpentine and diamond shapes.

Our design services give you the ability to create a memorial that is every bit as unique as the person it is created for.

Forever Young
Monuments for Children

For over 25 years, Sunset has proudly served communities in Alberta. We see it as an honour to help families during such difficult times and we’ll do whatever we can to help you. We know you have some hard decisions to make, so put your trust in us. At Sunset, our team always treats people with compassionate care and attention.

Does Sunset Make Baby Headstones or Headstones for Children?

At Sunset, we have lots of experience making baby headstones and memorial headstones for children and teens.

When a child dies, it’s never easy for friends and family. We’ll help you create a monument that’s unique for your child. You can choose one of our standard designs or you can custom design a special monument.

There are many styles, sizes, shapes (e.g., heart, teddy bear), and granite colours that you can choose from. Our design team can talk to you about the vision you have or they can offer ideas based on years of knowledge and experience.

To get more information about baby headstones or cemetery headstones for children, talk to someone from our sales team. They’re kind and caring and they don’t work on commission.

We want you to take all the time you need to decide exactly what’s right for you. You can come to our showroom during regular business hours, contact us online, or call us toll-free.

Sunset Cemetery Statues
Custom Designed and Built

Sunset Memorial and Stone Custom Marble and Granite Statues from Calgary, Alberta

Many people create statues to commemorate significant events or people they’ve lost. Sunset is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing beautiful statues.

We’ve made statues for areas like parks and landmarks as well as many cemetery statues. These timeless works of art make a lovely addition to any place. Statues stand out so people remember them as a part of the landscape.

At Sunset, we make granite, marble, and bronze statues. Our experienced design team can create any style you’re looking for. We can do a traditional design or one that’s contemporary and modern. All of our statues are high quality with impeccable attention to detail. You can choose from one of our many designs or you can create a unique cemetery statue that perfectly suits the memory of the person you’ve lost.

Granite Statue from Sunset Memorial and Stone
Granite Cemetery Statues
  • Sunset has many years of experience creating granite cemetery statues. We only use high-quality granite and we have many different types of designs. If you have something special in mind, we can create a custom design.
  • Granite statues come in many different shapes and sizes. A statue can be an accessory to a memorial or the statue can stand alone as a memorial. Our design team will talk with you to find out more about the person you’ve lost so we can create a statue that’s perfectly suited to your loved one. We can create almost anything and if you need help, we have lots of ideas to share.
  • We can incorporate spiritual or religious features, favourite nature scenes, special objects or places, favourite pets, or even a sculpture of your loved one. One of our most popular monuments has a granite angel statue that’s weeping and watching over the memorial.
Marble Statue from Sunset Memorial and Stone
Marble Cemetery Statues
  • Sunset has years of experience creating marble cemetery statues. We offer many different types of standard and custom sculpture designs, which are all made out of high-quality marble.
  • Our skilled carvers take solid blocks of light granite or white marble and create genuine works of art. They’re beautifully detailed structures that are very lifelike. We can make a marble statue in any size or shape.
  • If you’re looking for a less expensive option, we also make reconstituted marble statues. These statues are made from polymers and resin. These high-quality statues have fine detail and they last against weathering even better than real marble does.
Bronze Statue from Sunset Memorial and Stone
Bronze Cemetery Statues
  • Sunset has years of experience creating bronze cemetery statues. We offer many different types of standard and custom sculpture designs, which are made from high-quality bronze.
  • We’ve manufactured many bronze statues that are landmarks for commercial, public, or private spaces. Bronze statues are often added to cemetery memorials as well. These beautiful pieces of art are lasting tributes that stand out so people remember them.
  • Our design team has lots of experience creating different types of bronze statues. We can create any size and shape. Talk to someone from our design team about what you’re looking for. We can create almost anything and if you need help, we have lots of ideas to share.
If you’re looking for a statue, contact our sales team. We’ll tell you about all of the options we have and we’ll help you choose a beautiful piece of artwork that will be a truly lasting memory.

Cemetery Bronze Plaques
Bronze Memorial Plaques

Bronze Memorial Plaque on Monument from Sunset Memorial and Stone

Bronze memorial plaques are a very popular and traditional way to commemorate a loved one. At Sunset, our outdoor memorial plaques (sometimes called gravestone plaques) are designed to stand the test of time.

Why Does Sunset Make Memorial Plaques out of Bronze?

  • Bronze is an alloy that’s made out of copper and tin. It has a beautiful colour and looks very elegant. Bronze shapes easily into beautiful plaques and sculptures.
  • Bronze memorial plaques are very strong and won’t get damaged by the weather. That’s why outdoor memorial plaques are used in cemeteries.
  • Because of the strength and beauty of bronze, we use bronze plaques on many of our memorial products (e.g., engraved markers, memorial benches, columbaria).
What Choices Do I Have for a Memorial Plaque?


  • Memorial plaques can be created in any size or shape and there are different finishes you can choose from.
  • You can add any type of artwork, logo, emblem, or picture to a bronze plaque. Many people create custom memorial plaques with a picture of their loved one’s face or a favourite landscape scene.
  • If you want to add contrast to a grave plaque, we can add a beautifully coloured or textured backdrop so it stands out more. You can also customize the border of any bronze plaque.
  • If you’re interested in a cemetery plaque, contact our sales team.
Bronze Memorial Plaque Choices at Sunset Memorial and Stone
Bronze Memorial Plaque on Monument from Sunset Memorial and Stone
Do People Put Bronze Plaques on Memorials?


  • Many people choose memorial plaques for graves. They look beautiful and add contrast to any type of memorial.
  • Gravestone plaques are often used on flat markers in cemeteries. Flat markers come in different sizes and shapes (e.g., rectangle, book-shaped), which look beautiful with a bronze plaque We can also customize bronze image reliefs or make detachable plates so other dates can be added in later. If you choose a flat granite marker, we’ll tell you about different ways to enhance the monument so it stands out more.
Can Sunset do Bronze Inscription Letters on a Monument?


  • If you want a grave plaque but you’d like something that doesn’t stand out as much, think about simple bronze lettering without a bronze plaque. This can be added to any monument or columbarium niche face.
  • Bronze lettering can be customized by our design team just like bronze memorial plaques to almost any style you want.
  • Many people like bronze inscription letters because they look simple and delicate and they don’t overpower the beautiful surface of the stone.
Bronze Memorial Letters at Sunset Memorial and Stone
Types of Products for Bronze Memorial Plaques
What Other Memorial Products can have Bronze Plaques?


  • At Sunset, many of our products have memorial plaques. We make headstone plaques, columbarium door plaques, and memorial wall plaques.
  • We have many cemetery plaque We make bronze plaque wreaths and rectangular decorative plaques for columbaria niche doors.
  • If you’re interested in a bronze plaque or lettering for any granite or stone surface, contact our sales team.
Can Sunset Make Other Types of Bronze Plaques?

At Sunset, we don’t just make outdoor memorial plaques. We have many customers who order bronze plaques for other purposes including:

  • signs, advertising, or commemorative walls (granite with bronze plaque detail) for businesses or organizations
  • customized awards (e.g., granite plaque with bronze detail) for charitable organizations like schools or corporations
  • durable signs and civic monuments (granite with bronze plaques) for municipalities, parks, and towns
  • one-of-a-kind address rocks, which feature a bronze plaque address for homeowners or businesses

If you’re looking for a bronze plaque, contact our sales team.

Type of Bronze Memorial Plaques at Sunset Memorial and Stone
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