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Sunset Stone Lethbridge: Quality Headstone Manufacturers in Lethbridge

Genuinely compassionate company producing quality built memorials to commemorate your loved one.

Sunset Stone is a leading headstone manufacturer in the Lethbridge area and produces the highest quality cemetery plot memorials, monuments, headstones, and family or commercial columbaria.

To us, the production of your memorial focuses on personalization and capturing the exact way you want to memorialize your loved one. We focus on drawing from your memories to design a meaningful monument.

We are experience when it comes to creating a quality monument product. When it comes to grave marker and monument installations, we are here serving our Lethbridge families to ensure that they are set on City of Lethbridge cemetery plots in a timely fashion.

We want to ensure that our Lethbridge monument customers not only focus on the initial cemetery fees, for the plot purchase, but also pay attention to the Lethbridge cemetery bylaws indicating the scale and size of monument allowed at the chosen cemetery plot section. Some cemetery sections only allow for flat markers, while other cemetery sections allow taller more prominent cemetery headstones.

Not only does Sunset focus on providing the high-quality granite memorials to our Lethbridge customers, but we focus on delivering them an appropriate timeline. We have the largest granite headstone inventory in Western Canada, and we have the capability to provide our customers with a wide variety of options. Should you require a specific size and color, don’t hesitate to call us as we can accommodate fast turnaround times should need be.

What We Offer for Lethbridge Cemetery Needs:

Whether you’re looking to place your monument in the Mountainview Cemetery in Lethbridge Alberta, or you’re considering purchasing a plot in a smaller cemetery outside of Lethbridge, Sunset Stone is flexible and can deliver and install your marker to cemeteries in Lethbridge and the surrounding communities in southern Alberta.

If you are searching in the Lethbridge area for cemetery monuments and would like to explore a wide variety of options.  Sunset Memorial & Stone has the largest monument inventory in southern Alberta. If you are looking for a unique, custom monument or a standard headstone in the Lethbridge cemetery area consider calling us for a quote. Our team is willing to share with you a wide array of models and colors that we have in stock.  Our expertise and inventory highlight that Sunset is the perfect Lethbridge headstone manufacturer.

Feel free to call us from the comfort of your own home.  Check out our online showroom video on our home page and Sunset Memorial & Stone Ltd. YouTube Channel to see what we can design and build for you.

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About Sunset Stone Lethbridge Service Area:

Founded in Calgary, AB, in 1992, Sunset Memorial and Stone has expanded to having one of the largest monument inventories in all Western Canada to service its clients in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

We have the design capability to create monuments, deliver them, and install them in Lethbridge cemeteries and the surrounding community cemeteries. Our clients appreciate our design capability to be able to work with family members long distance, from anywhere in the world, in order to deliver monuments in Lethbridge.

Our design team has the capability to work with families over the phone, through emails and via virtual conferences. We will not begin the process of inscription or carving until we have your 100% approval of the product we have designed.

We will help you select a monument based on your budget and provide you with our expertise and advice when requested. We will deliver and install monuments anywhere in Lethbridge and the surrounding community cemeteries. Thanks to our 30 years of experience, we are confident that the monument we create for your loved one will help to preserve their memory for years to come.
We are a member of the BBB.
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Memorial Headstone features you need to consider

With Sunset Stone, there is no pressure to purchase. You have complete control in the process of selecting a headstone or cremation urn solution that best suits your style, budget and loved one.

20% OFF Surface Mount Vases

 Valid with a minimum monument purchase of $1,785 or more. 

Memorials & Headstones

Lethbridge Memorial Monuments

Sunset’s memorial monuments are made of the highest-grade granite sourced from all over the world. These monuments are designed, manufactured, and finally placed over graves at cemeteries across Western Canada.

Memorial monuments may also be referred to as headstone monuments, cemetery headstones, grave markers, and grave monuments. We can personalize our clients’ memorial monuments in Lethbridge with custom art graphics, different bases, and beautiful porcelain photography or bonze appliques. We also offer other memorial products to enhance the cemetery monuments such as lights, benches, and statues.
Don’t be intimidated by distance. Working with families who live far away is not an issue for our talented design team. We can work with families from the comfort of their own homes by chatting with them over the phone, via emails and video conferencing if requested.

Our ability to communicate a monument design is easy once we have narrowed down your general vision. We are happy to provide you with various design options so you can be certain that the monument is exactly the one you want. The process could never be easier. We are a quick call away.

Memorial Monuments

Lethbridge Columbarium

Our columbarium or plural form of the word columbaria are above ground outdoor structures that contain small niche compartments to hold cremated remains. Family columbaria may hold the remains of multiple family members, where commercial columbaria are created for churches and cemeteries to hold multiple cremation urns in individualized niches. Just like our customized headstone and cemetery marker manufacturing, our Sunset Stone columbarium models can be customized to meet every family, cemetery, or church design concept. If you find a grave in Mountain View Cemetery in Lethbridge Alberta or any other cemetery in southern Alberta and wish to learn more about the type and size of memorial allowed on the cemetery plot, consider calling us. Sometimes family columbaria are allowed in sections where in-ground burials are allowed. Perhaps the cemetery has specific locations for family columbaria options. We can provide you with the correct links or contacts to answer any questions you may have about Lethbridge cemetery by-laws or the cemeteries we work with in Southern Alberta.

Lethbridge Memorial & Headstone FAQ's

We understand that this can be an overwhelming and emotional time for families. The process of deciding on the best Lethbridge cemetery monument company to memorialize your loved ones can seem daunting. But always keep in mind that Sunset Memorial & Stone is here to help you through the process. We will give you a quote based on your: budget, site requirements, design needs. We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we can certainly help you make your own headstone. The only issue is, not all types of stones have the durability of granite memorials. Granite headstones are the most durable stone. Today, granite is considered the standard product for cemetery headstones as it is impervious to environmental freeze thaw stresses or pollution. Local limestones, sandstones, slate products and even marble products are porous stones that will all break down over time.

Purchasing a granite stone, is most advisable as it can withstand the freeze and thaw temperatures that happen in Lethbridge’s northern climate. We ensure that our granite arrives without any cracks to ensure that the stone will not be impacted by the elements. Simply take a tour of the historical sections in the Lethbridge cemeteries to see how fragile the soft stones used in the past are standing up.

Which leads us back to the question, “Can you make your own headstone?”. If you are a craftsman with access to sandblasting equipment and sculpting tools hard enough to chisel granite, you can design and create your own monument. But one factor to consider is installation and insurance required for installations. Cemeteries in Lethbridge may have rules and regulations about whether individuals or certain companies have access to the cemetery sites for installations.

So, it is recommended to ask the cemetery management what is acceptable prior to tackling such a project yourself.
Or better yet, if you wish to have total “design control” regarding the size, granite color, shape and design of the monument, and total artistic freedom to create your own customized graphic art details, then look no further, you are in safe hands with Sunset Memorial & Stone. Our graphic department will work with you and your family to create the most unique and personalized monument ever seen. For three decades now we have been in the business of creating beautiful custom monument designs for families.

We have the design and manufacturing capability to deliver custom designed, custom artistic sculptures, custom headstones, personalized grave markers for cemeteries in Lethbridge or its surrounding communities.
If you are focused on a monument manufacturer in Lethbridge. Simply pick up the phone. Call us. And ask to collaborate with one of our talented graphic artists to turn your vision into a reality. We will take your direction. We will focus on the cemetery plot site lines and Lethbridge cemetery plot rules and regulations. Let us help you and your family create the perfect custom cemetery monument without lifting a finger.

A gravestone is synonymous to a tombstone. Only tombstone is a more historical term used to describe a cemetery monument. Today we tend to use the words “cemetery monuments” or “headstones” to describe the memorial set at the head of a cemetery plot. All the afore mentioned words are commonly used synonymously to describe this type of cemetery product.

Sunset Stone can offer a wide variety of options when it comes to memorial markers in Lethbridge. Our cheapest headstone is a flat grave marker, which can begin as low as $934.00 – * which includes one-on-one time working with our graphic arts designers. We have an extensive art gallery in our repertoire of images from which to choose. You will be able to personalize your flat grave marker with the guidance of our experienced design team. We will not begin the inscription process until we have full approval and sign off on your design. Our team can work with you over the phone, email and via video conferencing from the comfort of your own home. We work hard to work within your budget. Don’t hesitate to call and ask us for a quote.

It depends on the size and detail, but you can expect Sunset Stone to be able to install a monument within a few weeks (if we have the granite in stock). Some factors that may affect our timeliness include how long you take to approve your design, if the monument is in the back lot, where it will be installed, weather conditions, and the cemetery’s seasonal timeline for installations. If you require a quick installation, we may be able to install in as little as 48 to 72 hours as long as the stone material is in stock.

If you have further questions, contact Sunset Stone’s sales team.

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