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About Sunset Memorial & Stone

Sunset Memorial & Stone was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1992, and we have one of the largest inventories of monuments in Western Canada to serve families, communities and cemeterians. We design, deliver and install monuments and columbaria throughout North America.

Our memorials and markers give people a way to honour those who have passed before them. More than a way to say goodbye, our memorials and markers are lasting tributes to the lives and memories of your loved ones, so it is important to choose them carefully. We realize that purchasing a memorial can be difficult which is why we’re committed to offering friendly, helpful, but most of all, professional service and unmatched product quality.

Sunset Memorial and Stone Quality Memorials and Columbaria from Calgary Alberta, Canada.

Beautiful. Simple. Handcrafted Memorials

We offer a range of distinctive memorials, in a variety of designs, fashioned from the finest granite. Available in various styles – upright, flat, pillow or a special shape, you have different choices to design the perfect monument.

Each and every style is available in different colours and sizes. We pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture and deliver professional, quality made memorials in a time-effective manner, utilizing over 20 years experience, and our products truly set the benchmark in memorial design.

Every memorial we deliver is of the highest standards, crafted and produced with our cutting edge equipment to deliver a monument that will last for generations. You can rest assured that a memorial manufactured by Sunset Memorial & Stone has been produced with care and attention to detail.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quote. We have representatives available throughout the region ready to help you with any question you may have and to get started.

Sunset Stone - Our Vision

The cornerstones of our business are history, remembrance and respect. We measure our success by the quality we deliver, the relationships we build and the understanding we extend to every customer.

Our products give families, friends and communities a way to honour those who have passed before them. More than a way to say goodbye, our columbaria and monuments are lasting tributes to the lives and memories of the loved ones. Every Sunset product is custom designed and built to last forever and reflect your preferences, standards, heritage and traditions.

Sunset Stone - Our Mission
  • To maintain Quality Products and Excellent customer service.
  • To be an Innovative world-class leader in the memorial industry and the pursuit for excellence.
  • To grow our current market through effective partnership, clear communication and focused marketing campaigns.
  • To provide memorials to the community in a compassionate, dignified and caring manner.

Our Standards
The Highest Standards Delivered – Always

Our products are made to the highest possible standards, using the very best in materials and finishes.

Our columbaria are exceptionally crafted with solid granite, locking inner doors and securely engineered niches and structural components. All columbaria are delivered and installed, each is covered by a 40-year warranty.

Our memorials and markers are crafted to the same exact standards as our columbaria. Each comes with a written warranty against fading or cracking. Memorial and marker delivery and installation can vary according to design and material availability, but in most cases we can accommodate families’ needs within 14 days of ordering.

Visit our showroom for a look at some of our in stock items.

Presidents Message

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Our company was started back in 1992 with the mission of enabling customers to achieve a sense of remembrance, history, and respect in our products. Which required us to be good listeners, and very responsive to the unique design and service needs of people. The experience of serving thousands of customers requiring custom designed products has sharpened our artistic and engineering skillset to the point where Sunset is now viewed as one of the top providers of monuments and columbaria in North America.

My philosophy is that when you have a superior design, the best in class quality of materials, and a competitive price, all tied together with people who compassionately serve others, the end result is an unbeatable value that will keep customers coming back for years to come. After all, business is about people, not things.

You have my personal guarantee that Sunset will operate and adhere to these principles when you place your trust in us. We look forward to serving you with the best possible care and service in the industry.

Gordon Leaf - President of Sunset Memorial and Stone in Calgary, Alberta
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