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Custom Headstone Design:

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Choosing a headstone for a loved one is a deeply personal and significant decision. At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we understand the importance of creating a memorial that not only honors the departed but also reflects their unique life journey and gives them a comfortable final resting place. In this guide, we explore the intricate process of designing a headstone, emphasizing the crucial elements of shape, messaging, and artistic expression.

Navigate through the journey of designing a meaningful tribute that will continue to impress future generations with our expert assistance.

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How to Select the Perfect Headstone Shape?

The first step in designing a headstone is selecting the shape. Various factors, including personal preference and local cemetery regulations, come into play when choosing the most suitable option. Here are some tips to select the best headstone memorial shape.

Understanding cemetery rules and regulations for a chosen gravesite is crucial. Some cemeteries designate specific heights for monuments. Our experienced sales representatives can guide you through regulations and potential constraints, including considerations for adjacent monuments and the maximum size of the monument. Trust Sunset Memorial & Stone for expert assistance in navigating these details.

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Why Custom Grave Markers Messages Are Recommended?

The most memorable monuments often tell a personal story. Seize the opportunity to provide greater insight into your departed loved one’s life by reflecting on their interests, hobbies, favorite sayings, meaningful epitaphs, and cherished verses.

Our skilled graphic art department specializes in transforming these elements into a timeless and meaningful grave marker design that speaks volumes with minimal words.

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Memorial Headstone features you need to consider

With Sunset Stone, there is no pressure to purchase. You have complete control in the process of selecting a headstone or cremation urn solution that best suits your style, budget and loved one.

Artistic Elements:

Elevate Your Memorial Design with Gravestone Art

Graphic art adds a touch of elegance to any monument. Whether it is intricately etched flowers, or a porcelain photo seamlessly integrated onto the surface, artistic elements enhance the aesthetic appeal. Sunset Memorial & Stone also offers bronze plaques or appliques, providing a bright contrast and metallic accents to your headstone to create the most unique headstones, among monument companies.

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Skillful Craftsmanship at Sunset Memorial & Stone:

Combine Elements with Expertise and Precision

Creating a harmonious blend of names, dates, text fonts, and graphic elements requires a skilled graphic artist. Sunset Memorial & Stone includes personalized one-on-one time with our trained designers. Benefit from our 30 years of experience as we bring your vision to life with meticulous craftsmanship. Combining all the above aspects with skill and craftsmanship requires a talented trained graphic artist and an experienced team of monument makers.

At Sunset Memorial & Stone, our pricing includes one-on-one time with a trained graphic designer who understands how to combine the elements of names, dates, text fonts and graphic elements in one beautiful image. 

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Headstone Design FAQ's

Every memorial we make is just as unique as the person it honours. At Sunset Memorial & Stone, our team of professionals works closely with you and your family to create the perfect memorial. We can customize the shape of the monument, help you select the perfect colour of granite, and guide you through the process of designing the perfect inscription.

For over 30 years, Sunset Memorial & Stone has continued to evolve and change with the times. We keep up to date with trends, while honoring tradition. We have mastered the design process and know how to work with you to pull out more personalized and meaningful messaging and artful details into a headstone design.

Explore our extensive gallery to view some monument designs we have created in the past. If you are having trouble deciding or need some guidance, sit in with one of our in-house designers to start something new. You will be able to watch our artists design the monument before your eyes, and see your ideas become a reality. Designing a headstone can be an enjoyable, collaborative experience. As with the rest of our team, our artists are sensitive and compassionate listeners who will be able to provide you with expert design advice as you move through the process.

Customers will meet with our sales team to present you with some options to get you started. We will help determine the size and type of headstone allowed on the grave site. From there, we can discuss the colour, shape, and style of your monument. Our sales team will work with you to find what you are looking for while staying within budget. We will even help with the procurement of permits.

Next, we’ll schedule an appointment to meet with one of our designers. During this appointment, our designer will build and make a digital rendering of your custom monument design. After which, you will be provided with a print of your monument concepts that you may take home and share with loved ones. Nothing is set in stone just yet, you have time to decide and change your mind on layout, font, graphics, or anything else.

Once you approve a final design, the working files are passed on to our fabrication shop for inscription. Before you know it, your monument design is a reality.

When the average person thinks of headstones, they usually picture an upright monument or a flat grave marker. At Sunset Stone, we can also produce pillows, benches, statues, religious symbols, musical instruments, heart shape markers and so much more. We can do anything from hand carving to simple artwork. Our experienced team will be happy to share with you a wide variety of design directions to help narrow down the process of where to focus. During the design sessions, our graphic designer will provide you with examples, and photography and share with you possible sandblasting techniques that may help to personalize the headstone more to your liking.

Flat markers are set in the ground, and custom artwork can be achieved on all flat markers. Flat headstone designs are very dependent on the amount of room available for inscription. Flat markers come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to any granite colour desired. Our art department will ensure that your stone will have a customized, modern design that properly honours your loved ones and adorns the headstones of their graves.

Several factors are taken into consideration, such as the size and granite colour choice of the monument, and whether we require detailed sandblasting techniques or hand-carved artwork. Our headstone pricing includes design sessions with a trained graphic artist. This way our customers know up front that there will be no hidden fees. 

On some occasions though, relatives request more custom artwork that does not exist in our repertoire of graphic designs. In these cases, our experienced graphic designers will spend extra hours designing a custom drawing. The cost for this service will be agreed upon in advance so that there will be no surprises. Creating custom modern designs is an enjoyable and creative part of our graphic artist’s work. Ask about our custom monument design capabilities where we work with families to create a unique granite monument shape, statue, or grave marker design feature. Do not hesitate to ask us about our specialized design services. 

Yes, we can design any custom monuments artwork. You dream it, we can make it come true. This can include custom headstones of unique sizes, granite colours, detailing and finishing, engraving techniques, and laser etching. If you have something specific in mind, talk to our team of experts about finding a solution.

This is completely up to the customers. Finalizing a design typically takes anywhere from one to two appointments, but we will work with our customers until they are 100% happy with the design. You will be provided with proof after the first meeting. We understand that committing to a final design is based on communicating with family members. This process can take time based on the emotional status and it requires time to reflect and commit to a design. There is no pressure to commit to a monument design after the first meeting. 

Depending on the degree of detail and complexity, the monument design process can take an hour or more. Sometimes custom artwork is required, or bronze plaque details or photography elements may take time to fully develop. Our graphic art department may need some extra design time to develop these design aspects. 

Yes, we do. We are happy to book an appointment for you and your family members to come in so we can support you through this process. Our pricing includes one-on-one time with a graphic artist to design the grave marker exactly the way you desire.

Custom Headstone Shapes

and Sandblasting Techniques

Designing a custom monument shape is becoming a very popular choice with many people. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect style in our showroom or back lot. This is when the talent of our graphic art department shines. Our experienced team enjoys the process of working with you to do a 3D image of what will be the perfect custom monument.

Sandblasting techniques and shape carving techniques can also add more customization to a standard monument. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff about these carving techniques when you are inquiring about various headstone designs.

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Sunset Stone Headstone Design

Creating a custom headstone design is influenced by three essential elements: the monument’s shape, messaging, and artistic style. At Sunset Memorial & Stone, we are here to help our clients every step of the way through the process of finding the perfect monument shape, colour, and size. We are here to assist you with the process of messaging that describes your loved one perfectly. Our headstone pricing includes one-on-one design time with our talented graphic art department. We are here to assist you to get a meaningful and customized memorial.


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