A Guide to Tombstones in Calgary: Where to Buy, Cost, & More Trufla Trufla April 2, 2023

A Guide to Tombstones in Calgary: Where to Buy, Cost, & More

A Guide to Tombstones in Calgary: Where to Buy, Cost,
A Guide to Tombstones in Calgary: Where to Buy, Cost,

The process of choosing a memorial to mark a loved one’s resting place is overwhelming for many reasons. For one, it can be a stressful time – a time that should be spent grieving and healing. There is no shortcut to normalcy after loss, and some might even say normalcy is not possible after the loss of a loved one. Regardless, the process of finding a memorial is just another thing to add to with all you are going through, and Sunset Stone wants to make sure that journey is as easy as possible.  

Founded in Calgary, AB, Canada, Sunset Stone crafts incredible tombstones in Calgary, as well as dozens of other memorial types. We believe that our memorials are more than just a way to say goodbye, but what some memorial companies fail to understand is how to support clients through this process. Sunset does. We treat our families with dignity and support them on how to choose a tombstone in Calgary respectfully. Read our guide and answers to frequently asked questions about tombstones in Calgary.  

Can you buy a headstone from anywhere?  

If by “anywhere” you mean through a cemetery, a funeral home, a memorial service, or any company that deals in memorial services, yes. There are many options. If you are looking for a memorial company, like Sunset. Many funeral homes and cemeteries can sell you tombstones in Calgary, you can always ask where the stones are manufactured. Sunset has satellite dealers throughout Alberta and within Calgary. If you wish to work with one of our dealers, simply call us and we will share with you the closest dealer locations. The benefit of working with Sunset Memorial & Stone is that we have one of the largest inventories of monuments in Western Canada.  

Is it cheaper to buy a headstone online?  

Not necessarily. Buying a tombstone in Calgary or a headstone will vary in cost depending on a lot of things, but one of the main things that will impact your price is who you purchase through. You can contact us in any number of ways, but the benefit of choosing us is that you know what you are getting. Going with just any memorial company that advertises cheap headstones online may be cutting costs somewhere. Instead, choose a reputable, quality-driven memorial company that can offer professional service and unmatched product quality.   

What can you use instead of a headstone?  

To memorialize your loved one, you are not required to purchase a headstone. Tombstones in Calgary are not a requirement, and they are not the only burial markers that exist. There are many kinds of memorials you can use for your beloved ones.  

Of course, the type of burial markers you want to use will depend on numerous things, including your family traditions, personal preferences, etc. Today, markers can include headstones, plaques hung on walls, lawn memorials, flat markers, and even eternal flames.  

Consider these ideas for burial markers instead of tombstones in Calgary:  

  • Pillow 
  • Flat Grave markers  
  • Benches  
  • Uprights  
  • Bronze or granite plaques  
  • Mausoleums 
  • Columbaria Niches 
  • Family Columbaria 

These various kinds of burial markers all have their own individual benefits and may be reflective of the memory of your loved one, depending on your choices. Many of these are popular options but be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements and regulations of the cemetery that you have chosen.   

How much does a plaque cost for a grave?  

Sunset does not like to offer fixed price examples, since every plaque would be to your choice of dimensions and color of granite. Several factors will impact the cost of plaques. Our plaques can be customized by shape, size, inscriptions, custom artwork, placement, and more – and all of these mean a rough price is extremely hard to gauge.  

Sunset Stone for Custom-Made Tombstones in Calgary  

Purchasing a memorial monument, especially if it is your first time, can make you feel a little overwhelmed. Not only does Sunset design incredible memorials for its clients, but we also work with you on the decision process and help you choose something that can both honor and cherish your loved one’s memory.  

Chat with a member of our sales team about our tombstones in Calgary and what type of memorial monument or grave marker you are looking for. We are open to chatting over the phone, or in person, if you want to come to discuss this directly. Trust in our sales team to be kind, caring, and communicative, working together with you as if your loved one was our own. We never rush the process either, so you can take your time and think about all the info you need to make an informed and confident decision about your memorial monument. 

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