Cemetery Permits, Rules and Regulations Sunsetstone Administrator October 28, 2013

Cemetery Permits, Rules and Regulations

Most cemeteries have regulations within their grounds. A cemetery can insist on specific requirements such as material, size, and type of headstone.

What You Need To Know

  • What type of memorials are allowed?
    For example: Uprights, flat markers, pillows, etc.
  • What are the sizes allowed?
    A cemetery usually has a range of sizes they allow. Make sure the size you purchase is within their range, including the base or plinth for a total height.
  • Are accessories allowed?
    Some cemeteries allow flower vases, lanterns or lights. Make sure your cemetery allows these before selecting any of these options.
  • Are there any color restrictions?
    While most cemeteries do not regulate the colour of the granite or any colour in the artwork, some might stipulate the colour of granite allowed especially for bronze markers with a base.
  • Are any permits required?
    Cemeteries often have special forms such as a permit or authorization that need to be filled out prior to the installation of a memorial. These forms are usually signed by the lot owner or next of kin before they accept a memorial for installation.
  • Is there an installation fee?
    If the cemetery will install the headstone then there is most likely an installation fee. This is normal as they are performing a service.

permitsBefore you order a memorial it is very important to become familiar with the requirements set by the cemetery. They can and will refuse any memorial that does not meet their requirements and permits.

Sunset can assist you with this paperwork. We work with you to complete the forms and help acquire the required information. Contact us if you have any questions.

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