Flat Grave Monuments

Flat Grave Monuments admin February 4, 2022

Flat Grave MonumentsWhat are Grave Markers & Flat Grave Monuments?

Some cemeteries (or sections of cemeteries) are designed and landscaped only for grave markers. Grave markers lie flat or flush to the ground. Some people also call these types of monuments flat tombstones, flat headstones, or flat grave monuments.

A flat grave marker is simple and elegant. Sunset has many different styles, shapes, and granite colours that you can choose from. Our grave marker designs are second to none.

If you’re wondering about flat grave monument prices, talk to someone from our sales team and they’ll be able to give you a quote. At Sunset, the quote you get includes installation and there are no hidden costs after the fact. Our staff don’t work on commissions so you don’t have to worry about feeling rushed or being upsold on features you don’t need.


Sunset Memorial & Stone’s Custom Flat Grave Monuments:

At Sunset, you can choose one of our standard designs or you can create a flat grave marker that’s customized and unique.

Flat grave monuments are often smaller than other monuments, but there are lots of ways to make them special by choosing different types of writing and designs. 

After you choose the type of granite you want, you can customize your flat grave monument with one of our many finishes, fonts, icons, images, or messages. If you have questions, our sales team have lots of experience and knowledge and they can help. 

We want your flat grave monument to reflect how you wish to memorialize a loved one and our experienced design team is here to assist you with the grave marker design.  

Flat stone monument from Sunset Memorial and Stone

Grave Marker FAQs

We want the process of finding the correct perfect memorial for your loved one to be: streamlined, easy-to-understand, and handled with dignity and respect. Sunset Memorial & Stone has the answers to frequently asked questions about grave marker designs and flat grave monuments. Read on for more information.

Are There Different Types of Flat Grave Markers?

Flat grave markers come in many different sizes. Sunset’s flat grave markers also come in many different granite colours.
All of our flat headstones are 4 inches (100 mm) thick.
You can add companion inscriptions (e.g., partner, husband, wife, parent, child) to flat grave markers as well.

Do Flat Grave Markers Come with a Base?

Flat grave markers are usually installed flush to the ground. If you’re looking for a way to make flat grave markers stand out more, you can mount them in or on concrete foundations or granite bases. However, all cemeteries have different guidelines for flat grave markers and only some will let you do this.  If this is something you’re interested in, Sunset will work closely with the cemetery you choose to make sure your flat grave monument follows their terms. Talk to our sales team to find out more about flat grave markers and their respective prices. They’ll help you find an affordable design.

How Much Do Grave Markers Cost?

Flat grave markers are often the most cost-effective types of monuments. Flat grave markers prices will depend on what size, type of design, type of granite, and type of writing you choose. Once you’ve decided on the type of flat grave monument you want, we can give you a quote. At Sunset, our flat grave markers prices don’t have any hidden costs after the fact and the cost of installation is included.

To find out more about grave markers or flat grave monument prices, contact someone from our sales team.

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