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Sunset Stone Lethbridge: Quality Headstone Manufacturers in Lethbridge

Genuinely compassionate company producing quality built memorials to commemorate your loved one.

Sunset Stone is a leading headstone manufacturer in the Lethbridge area and produces the highest quality cemetery plot memorials, monuments, headstones, and even family and commercial columbaria. To us, the production of your memorial is less about making something visually spectacular just for the sake of it and more about capturing the exact way you want to memorialize your loved one. We focus on memories, quality, and timeliness for our city of Lethbridge cemetery plots monuments, grave markers, and columbaria.

We want to ensure that our Lethbridge monuments and cemetery fees are reflective of the great quality work we do while staying affordable for our customers all over North America. Our products are high quality, always delivered in a timely fashion, and are designed to encapsulate however you choose to memorialize your loved one.

What We Offer for Lethbridge Cemetery Needs:

Whether you’re looking to place your monument in the Mountainview Cemetery in Lethbridge Alberta, or you’re looking for somewhere more private, Sunset Stone is flexible and can deliver and install your marker wherever in Lethbridge you need it.

Sunstone offers a wide variety of Lethbridge cemetery monuments to meet the needs of our clients and accurately reflect the memory of the loved ones in the ways that they choose to memorialize them. As a Lethbridge headstone manufacturer, we never settle for less than the highest quality.

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About Sunset Stone Lethbridge Service Area:

Founded initially in Calgary, AB, in 1992, Sunset Memorial and Stone has expanded to having one of the largest inventories of monuments in all Western Canada to service its clients. We design monuments, deliver them, and install them in Lethbridge and throughout Western Canada.  Sunset Stone’s columbaria are delivered across North America.

Our mission is in memorializing those who have passed before us, providing an opportunity to do more than just say goodbye. Our monuments in Lethbridge and columbaria in North America are lasting tributes, so we know that it’s an important job creating a marker that will encapsulate their memory.

We manufacture distinctive memorials with a variety of design choices that are carved from quality granite. We offer different colours, sizes, and will deliver and install monuments anywhere in Lethbridge. Thanks to our 20+ years of experience, we are confident that the monument we create for your loved one will help to preserve their memory for years to come. We are a member of the BBB.

Memorial Headstone service features to consider

With Sunset Stone, there is no pressure to purchase. You have complete control in the process of selecting a headstone or cremation urn solution that best suits your style, budget and loved one.

20% OFF Surface Mount Vases

 Valid with a minimum monument purchase of $1,785 or more. 

Memorials & Headstones

Lethbridge Memorial Monuments

Memorial monuments are generally made of granite and placed over graves within cemeteries. The costs of these memorials are not included in the Lethbridge cemetery fees as families are required to purchase them independently.    Memorial monuments may also be referred to as headstone monuments, cemetery headstones, grave markers, and grave monuments. We can personalize our memorial monuments in Lethbridge with art, customized bases, and accessories. We also offer the chance to personalize monuments with lights, benches, and statues.

Memorial Monuments

Lethbridge Columbarium

Our columbarium models are above ground outdoor structures that contain small niches to hold cremated remains. Family columbaria are designed to secure the urns of multiple family members who wish to be interred together.  Our commercial columbaria are created for churches and cemeteries that contain multiple individual cremation niches.  These niches are sold as separate niches to family members.

Sunset Stone’s product line offers different ways you can customize your headstone, markers, and family columbarium.  We also provide a multitude of accessories to choose from. If you are stuck between options or have never purchased a memorial monument before, our experienced team and graphic artists can help you through the process. Our pricing will include both shipping and installation cost to Mountain View Cemetery in Lethbridge Alberta, or a private plot anywhere else of your choosing.

Lethbridge Memorial & Headstone FAQ's

It can be an overwhelming and emotional process, choosing a Lethbridge cemetery monument to memorialize your loved one’s life. Sunset Stone is here to help you through the process, give you a quote based on your vision, and answer any questions you may have.


We can provide a standard headstone monument, or as an alternative design a Sunset Stone custom-made headstone manufactured for delivery in Lethbridge.  However, if you aren’t sure if you can get the quality quite right, or if you want a professional touch from someone who has been producing the highest quality headstones and grave markers in Lethbridge since 1992, look to Sunset Stone. We’ll take your direction and needs to heart to make your family Lethbridge cemetery plot accurately reflects your loved one’s memory.

Gravestone is an older term used to describe monument, tombstone or “headstone.” These words are commonly used synonyms, so they are relatively the same thing regardless of the material, shape, and size.

Sunset Stone can offer a wide variety of options when it comes to memorial markers in Lethbridge. Our most cost-efficient headstone is a flat grave marker, which can range in the hundreds of dollars. You still have the option to customize your flat grave marker however you wish with added inscriptions and epitaphs and accessories.

Because Lethbridge cemeteries are closed for monument installation in the winter months Sunset Stone focuses on preparing monuments for spring, summer and fall deliveries. The timeframe to have a monument installed in Lethbridge depends on the design, inventory, and location of the monument.  Some factors that may affect our timeliness include how long you take to approve your design if the monument is in stock, where it will be installed, weather conditions, and the cemetery’s timeline for installation. If you need a quick installation, Sunset Stone will do our best to accommodate special requests if we have the granite material in stock.

If you have further questions about manufacturing timelines, contact Sunset Stone’s sales team.   We will do our best to accommodate your family’s needs.

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