Sunset Stone’s Easy Guide to Buying a Gravestone in Calgary: 5 Easy Steps Trufla Trufla April 2, 2023

Sunset Stone’s Easy Guide to Buying a Gravestone in Calgary: 5 Easy Steps

Sunset Stone’s Easy Guide to Buying a Gravestone in Calgary
Sunset Stone’s Easy Guide to Buying a Gravestone in Calgary

Buying a gravestone in Calgary can be difficult. You might be completely overwhelmed after the loss of a loved one, yet you still feel the responsibility of taking care of preserving their memories – somehow. If you are like most Canadians, you may have never gone through this process before.   

Purchasing a gravestone in Calgary is not something many people look forward to, and it can often be a confusing or even uncomfortable process. Sunset is kind and diligent and wants to look after you like your loss was our own. We are patient and caring, lending you our advice while also never pushing you toward a decision.  

1. Choose a size.  

To begin, choose the size of your Calgary gravestone. The cemetery will support you through the size and dimensions of the monument, however, Sunset works closely with the cemeteries and can support you with any questions you may have. 

Note that dimensions will impact your finalized pricing. Sunset will provide you with a quote and help you work within your budget.  

2. Choose a colour.  

There is a huge range of different gravestone colours that you can select from, we have different colour categories that can work within your budget. This is because colours can come from different parts of the world. As an example, black granite may need to be imported from Asia, while rose-coloured granite comes from Canada. 

Sunset offers a huge range of different colours of granite. We’ll supply you with each category’s price point, to support you in your selection of your gravestone colour.  

3. Choose a shape.  

There’s a wide range of choices when it comes to the shape of your Calgary gravestone, too. You may bring your ideas to Sunset, and we will help you create the monument to honour your loved one. We inform you about the various standard options or ways you can customize your own shape. 

4. Choose the text.  

Our Sunset designers have a large variety of fonts to choose from. You can choose to have your family name on the front of the monument, with names, dates and words of comfort. Some families choose to put family names on the back of the monument. 

Our designers will work with you to customize your headstone and support you through one-on-one meetings.  

5. Accessorize.   

Sunset Stone’s designers offer a multitude of different options when it comes to accessorizing your loved one’s gravestone. You can choose flowers, religious emblems, or any custom designs based on how you wish to memorialize your loved one.  


When can you get a headstone?  

You can choose your headstone any time you feel you are ready. Some people may wait one week, and some people may wait several years. The time is right when you are ready. For some families, this brings closure. The installation will depend on your choice of monument and size, weather permitting. This ensures that the gravestone can be placed correctly and last for years to come.  

Can I buy my own headstone?  

We at Sunset will support you if you decide to purchase and design your headstone before the time of need. However, it will have to be placed at your final resting place, this ensures you’ll be able to accurately detail what you want and/or need. Some families feel this removes the stress of family members when you pre-purchase a cemetery headstone.  

How long after burial can a headstone be placed?  

Proper installation of your gravestone in Calgary ensures that your memorial will stay upright and level in its proper place for decades to come, honouring the memory of your loved one for decades to come.  

We hope this supports you in guiding you through the process in how to purchase your gravestone in Calgary. 

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