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Sunset Stone Edmonton: Memorial Monuments Manufacturers in Edmonton

Genuinely compassionate company producing quality built memorials to commemorate your loved one.

How you choose to pay tribute to your loved one is up to you, and here at Sunset Stone we want to ensure that families have an affordable, high-quality memorials to do so. In Edmonton, we manufacture monuments that are customizable and come with a variety of accessory options to better encapsulate the memory of your loved one. We work with families to assist with selection, design to delivery and installation.

Besides manufacturing and installing quality headstones and grave monuments in Edmonton, Sunset Stone has 20 years of experience as a headstone manufacturer in Edmonton and can give you the advice you need to choose a high-quality, affordable design. When you need us, we can help you create a tribute that meets your memorial requirements and personalized vision.

What We Offer for Edmonton Cemetery Needs:

There are a lot of options when choosing monuments in Edmonton, and the process is emotional for some. Sunset Stone is here to offer you its expert advice and wants to be there for you every step of the process, from the core of design to the actual installation in your cemetery of choice. We’re here for you.

As high-quality headstone and columbarium manufacturers in Edmonton, Sunset Stone presents several options for you to select from when you are looking to pay tribute to a loved one. See below for some descriptions of what we offer.

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About Sunset Stone Edmonton Service Area:

Sunset Stone was founded back in 1992, in Calgary, AB. Our roots are here in Alberta, and since our beginnings we have strived to create monuments for clients in Edmonton and throughout western Canada. We are proud to say we have one of the largest granite monument inventories in all Western Canada.

To better service families in Canada and Alberta, Sunset Stone offers a large array of memorial options which allow families to select from a wide variety of different colours, styles, and sizes.

Our granite memorials are carved using the highest-quality granite materials. Our expertise allows us to design and create beautifully crafted monuments for our customers in Edmonton. We are a member of the BBB.

Memorial Headstone features you need to consider

With Sunset Stone, there is no pressure to purchase. You have complete control in the process of selecting a headstone or cremation urn solution that best suits your style, budget and loved one.

20% OFF Surface Mount Vases

 Valid with a minimum monument purchase of $1,785 or more. 

Memorials & Headstones

Edmonton Memorial Monuments

Memorial monuments in Edmonton are the heart of what Sunset Stone does. We create our monuments from granite and place them at the head of graves in cemeteries, whether that’s the Holy Cross Cemetery, Beechmount Cemetery, or wherever in Edmonton you choose to lay your loved one to rest.

We can also memorialize your tribute with benches, lights, and statues.Sunset Stone wants to create memorial headstones in Edmonton that are personalized to the ways you choose to remember your loved ones. We give you the advice you need throughout the process to create an Edmonton granite monument worthy of their memory and can help you to find an option that suits for the right price.

Memorial Monuments

Edmonton Columbarium

As part of its wide range of services, Sunset Stone produces family and commercial columbarium for families and cemeteries in Edmonton.  Columbaria are essentially large outdoor structures that contain niches for holding cremated remains. Family columbaria are designed to hold the remains of multiple cremation urns, where a commercial columbarium is typically larger and can hold numerous remains in separate individualized niches.

Edmonton Memorial & Headstone FAQ's

Here at Sunset Stone, we want to be your headstone manufacturer in Edmonton of choice and help you to create the memorial of your dreams. We know how difficult the process of choosing a monument to encapsulate your loved one’s memory can be, which is why we want to ease the process and be there for you if you have any questions. See below for our list of FAQs.

Cremation costs in Edmonton vary depending on the funeral home services. Sunset Stone are experts in building cremation monuments in Edmonton – called “columbaria”.  The singular term is called “columbarium”. These above ground interment structures are designed to hold cremated remains in secure niches. We can also create family columbaria to hold the cremated remains of multiple family members, or commercial alternatives for cemeteries, churches, or funeral homes.

Sunset Stone is here to help you choose a high-quality grave marker that reflects the memory of your loved.  The most economical headstones are flat grave markers, which sit flush and level on the ground. Families still have the option to customize these markers as and will have a variety of colours and sizes to choose from. Sunset Stone wants to do its best to find you affordable headstones in Edmonton.

Costs for headstones in Edmonton varies, but you can find an estimate by requesting a quote with Sunset Stone by simply providing us with a description of what you’re looking for. There’s no average price for headstones in Edmonton as costs will vary depending on the shape, size, colour, and style of what you’re looking to create.

Granite is the hardest and longest-lasting material to manufacture a headstone.  Not all granite is the same in color or quality.  Sunset Stone produces its headstones only from the finest granite material to ensure that your monument lasts for generations.

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