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Sunset Stone Calgary: Affordable Headstones & Gravestones in Calgary

Sunset Stone wants to ensure that families looking to memorialize their loved ones in the best possible way can purchase beautifully designed affordable gravestones in Calgary.

Families can select from a wide variety of means to customize their memorials and accessorize the monuments.
From custom graphic design support to delivery and installation, we do it all. For great headstone quality and prices in Calgary, Sunset Stone is here to help you through the process.

Beyond offering quality headstones and gravestones in Calgary, Sunset Stone prides itself on its 20+ years of experience and will always prioritize your needs and wishes that will pay tribute to the memory of your loved one.
We will give you the guidance you need throughout the process, from choosing the perfect memorial option, to designing the perfect artwork, epitaph or accessory all the way down to installation.

What We Offer for Calgary Cemetery Needs:

When it comes to erecting a monument intended to pay tribute to a loved one, there’s a lot of choice, and the process can be overwhelming or even emotional.

Sunset Stone is willing to support its clients and be there for families throughout every step of the process, from confirming cemetery bylaw regulations for specific cemetery plot sections to the actual delivery and installation.

To create the highest quality Calgary monuments, Sunset Stone offers a variety of options for you to choose from. Once you have decided on an option and approved your design, we make the process seamless.

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About Sunset Stone Calgary Service Area:

Sunset Stone’s roots are here, in Calgary. From our beginnings back in 1992, Sunset has since expanded to having one of the largest monument inventories in all Western Canada.

We deliver and install monuments in Calgary and throughout the rest of western Canada, dedicated to our mission of serving our community and providing families with memorialization products that are not only meaningful, but beautiful as well.

Our columbaria products are installed throughout North America.We recognize the importance of creating a lasting tribute to all the families we work with. We pride ourselves in our customer service and recognize the importance of serving our community with care.Sunset Stone offers a wide range of standard and custom memorials in Western Canada and distinctive columbaria throughout North America.

We  provide a variety of colour options, sizes, and styles – all fashioned from durable, quality granite.
We are confident that our expertise will allow us to create the perfect monument or columbarium that pays tribute to your loved one’s memory for years to come. We are a member of the BBB.

Memorial Headstone features you need to consider

With Sunset Stone, there is no pressure to purchase. You have complete control in the process of selecting a headstone or cremation urn solution that best suits your style, budget and loved one.

20% OFF Surface Mount Vases

 Valid with a minimum monument purchase of $1,785 or more. 

Memorials & Headstones

Calgary Memorial Monuments

In Calgary, memorial monuments are the core of Sunset Stone’s practice. Our monuments are manufactured from granite and placed at the head of graves in cemeteries. They are sometimes referred to as grave markers, monuments or cemetery headstones or headstone monuments. Depending on your needs, we can personalize your tribute with memorial monument accessories in Calgary, such as benches, porcelain photography, bronze plaques, statues, and lights.

Memorial Monuments

Calgary Columbarium

Sunset Stone produces commercial and family columbaria, which are outdoor structures that are above ground and contain separate niches or compartments to hold cremated remains.  A commercial columbarium is a larger structure that contains multiple cremation niches that will hold from tens to hundreds of urns in separate niches. Family columbaria are designed to hold the remains of multiple family members.

Sunset Stone ensures that your tribute is personalized with all the different ways we offer to customize your funeral monuments in Calgary. If you are having trouble choosing a design, Sunset Stone can work with you personally and give you the advice you need to assist you through the process. We will help you find a memorial that best suits your design preference and budget, no matter what cemetery plot in Calgary you choose.

Calgary Memorial & Headstone FAQ's

Here at Sunset Stone, we want to be your headstone company in Calgary not only because we offer the highest quality monuments, but because we simplify what can be an overwhelming and emotional process for many.

We are here to support families with the best practices for designing a monument. Our graphic art department is here to offer suggestions that may be helpful. We are always here to answer your questions with sensitivity and understanding.

Sunset Stone manufactures its headstones in Calgary out of the finest granite. Granite is the most durable headstone material and is known to last the longest, but not all granite is the same. Sunset Stone uses the highest quality granite to produce its monuments so that you can be sure your monument will stand the test of time.   With every monument we offer a lifetime warranty on the granite. 

Sunset Stone doesn’t list its pricing for headstones because every monument in Calgary that we produce is very different. There are many factors impacting price: the style, from upright, pillow, and flat, to the size, colour, and shape. Where does the granite come from? Do you want to incorporate custom artwork? The best way to know how much your monument in Calgary will cost is to call us and request a quote.

Depending on the season, you may be required to wait between 6 or more months before we can install a headstone. In the winter months the cemeteries are closed for monument installations.  But don’t let that stop you from ordering a monument in the winter months.  This is the perfect time to work out the design details and order the monument.  This way we can work in advance to prepare the design and order the monument for a spring installation when the ground is ready. Factors that may also delay an installation are soil settlement, traditions, and aggrievement period. Sunset Stone suggests adhering to your cemetery’s bylaws and regulations.  We work with cemeteries to ensure the monument size and shape meets their standards and requirements for all cemetery sections.

Again, the cost of a headstone – even a 2-person headstone – will vary depending on your needs, customization, size, shape, colour, and so on. You can expect that a 2-person headstone may cost a little more than a regular headstone, starting at a little under $1,000 and ranging into the $3-4,000s. For a more exact cost, contact our team.   We will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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