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How Much Does a Base for a Headstone Cost? Calgary Headstone Monument Price Breakdown, Factors, & More

How Much Does a Base for a Headstone Cost?
How Much Does a Base for a Headstone Cost?
How Much Does a Base for a Headstone Cost? Calgary Headstone Monument Price Breakdown, Factors, & More 2

Funerals can be expensive. In North America, the average cost of a funeral can range anywhere from $7,000 to over $10,000. Cremation itself may cost between $2,000 to $5,000. With all these big decisions to be made, the actual cost of purchasing a headstone in Calgary can feel like another item to add to a list during an incredibly stressful time.  

Headstones or other forms of memorials do not have to be dealt with immediately after a loved one has passed away. Families often call or visit us months or even a year after an interment. So never feel pressured to purchase a monument until you and your family are ready to spend some time and thought towards the wording and art you wish to express on the headstone. Designing the monument with our graphic department can often be a comforting time to look back and reflect on the life of your loved one. This is a meaningful and rewarding experience for our design team, as they want to help you create the perfect memorial. Whenever you decide that you are ready to purchase a headstone, contact Sunset Memorial & Stone to discuss a range of styles and designs, and let us provide you a quote so that the “price” component of this major decision is fully understood. 

Here is a breakdown as to the price of headstones, how to get the cheapest price for a headstone in Calgary, and more tidbits so you can go into this process feeling more informed and well prepared. 

Can I buy my own headstone? 

You certainly can. Some local cemeteries offer headstone products for sale, others may allow you to purchase headstones directly from local monument dealers who are insured to install memorials on their property. If you can purchase a headstone in Calgary from a cemetery, the office staff will help guide you through the rules and regulatory requirements and design options. For quality-made headstones and grave markers, we like to encourage customers to purchase from a company that specializes in the manufacturing and installation of cemetery monuments such as a memorial provider (like Sunset Memorial & Stone.) 

For the short and long-term, there are several benefits to buying your headstone in Calgary from Sunset Memorial & Stone. First, we have the graphic design expertise to work with families to create beautiful designs. Second, our beautiful showroom allows visitors to see the products up close and discuss options with the sales team. Third, if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we have an extensive inventory in the back lot to check out. Fourth, we have the design capability to create custom monuments for families looking for a unique shape or style. Fifth, we have been serving communities in Alberta since 1992 and are focused on keeping detailed records to ensure warranties are respected. 

If you are looking for a headstone in Calgary, look no further than Sunset Memorial & Stone 

What is the cheapest price for a headstone? 

“Cheap” is not a word we like to use with reference to headstones or grave markers. Cheap often implies of inferior quality, frail, or cutting corners. Sunset Stone, as a leading manufacturer and supplier of customer-designed cemetery monuments, specializing in only the highest-quality memorials. We are here to help our customers find the perfect quality monument while working within their budget. So,let us forget the word “cheap” and replace it with “affordable.” 

We understand the stress on families that are having to deal with the grief of a loved one passing. Rest assure that you will feel comfortable working with our sales representatives and graphic designers as you will never feel any sales pressure because they are not paid sales commissions. They receive a salary. 

So, how do we get the most affordable price for a headstone? The monument part of our business focuses on serving communities across western Canada. As a result, we have one of the largest cemetery headstone inventories in Calgary to meet the demand. Sunset Stone’s compassionate staff are here to help guide you through the process of selecting and designing a memorial. When you purchase a monument from us, our pricing includes one-on-one time working with our designers to produce a personalized memorial. We can assist by offering suggestions and direction and best strategies for how to keep things within a certain budget.  

We know cemetery rules and regulations are different at every cemetery, so we will help you avoid any mishaps by ensuring that your design fits within the necessary parameters of the selected grave site. We do our own research, on your behalf and receive formal approvals from the cemeteries for your design prior to installation. So once the monument is ordered, we oversee the rest. Our intention is to make your experience as stress free as possible.  

For those seeking low-cost monument options, we also have a webpage dedicated to Clearance Headstones if you are interested. Simply click on this link that will directly take you to our clearance page.  

When Sunset provides a quote, we will honor the price for 30 days. We want to ensure with our customers that there are no hidden fees with our pricing. Upon request, we can also provide you with the shipping, installation costs in that finalized quote.  

How much does a base for a headstone cost? 

There is a vast range for the average base cost of headstones from one memorial company to the next. The cost of the base will depend on the size of the headstone. In general, our prices start at $195 and will increase with the size of the base. 

Here at Sunset, we do not have a standard price for our headstones in Calgary because we acknowledge that every monument and memorial is quite different. The cost of a headstone in Calgary will depend on the desired style, shape, granite color and additional design details like bronze appliques, porcelain photos custom graphics. Whether you choose an upright monument, flat marker, or pillow, the size, granite colour, and shape all affect the price. You can rest-assured, Sunset Stone always focuses on sourcing our stones from the highest-quality granite processors. We have been in business for decades, so we can spot the differences between the quality of the stones.  

This is a lesser-known fact, but worth noting: the colour of your granite can also affect your headstone cost. Because certain colours of granite come from certain continents, it makes sense that the further the place, the more the shipping costs will be. The rarity of the granite can also impact prices. Sunset has good relationships with suppliers all over the world, so you have a lot of choice. We are respectful of family budgets so we can provide you with alternative colour options that may be more affordable. 

If you are wondering how much a headstone cost, give us call here at Sunset Memorial & Stone. We will tell you about all the different options we have and how much your Calgary headstone will cost. 

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